Just a wide open title there, because I am not sure what this blog post will become, or where I am going with it. Just hammering some text for the hell of it.nnIt’s damp, rainy outside at the moment. But definitely not pouring rain in any respect – just misting/sprinkling, overcast, gloomy sorta. But the stores will be full of life, that is for sure. At least the grocery stores will be anyway. No idea (nor cares) about the big box stores – I *guess* they still get business even with the likes of Amazon and whatnot in existence. No sympathies for the big box stores and their billion dollar competition, it’s the smaller stores I wouldn’t want to see suffer. It’s kinda foolish, when you think about it – huge, anti-competitive, monopolistic superstores exist and are “racing to the top”, when there *is* no finish line. I guess they *actually* think that they (be it Wal Mart, Amazon, whoever) think they can be the *only* chain store in existence? *That* obviously could never work. nnBut, whatever. Let them (Wal Mart, Amazon, Target, etc.) have their slave wage jobs and anti-union narrative, and let them swim in the spoils of the western capitalist world for now, but I genuinely do not see a (productive, prosperous, pro-worker) future in store (pun!) for any of them in the next decade. They outgrew their own briches, to put it one way. Or, bit off more than they could chew. Anti-trust laws and everything else surrounding their practices will be scrutinized by the government in due time (at least, this is the case with Amazon, which is currently eating the world in terms of online retail, and “World” retail, in general – Bezos isn’t the richest dude on Earth for nothing).nnAnd speaking of the Tony Stark-esque, billionaire space race, 1% of 1% – I’m just sort of sick of hearing about it. I mean, do journalists, and social media followers, and all the peasants of the digital world *actually* think that their words, encouragement, and public approval make any type of a difference to the 1%’ers in-question? The wealthy, famous, and well-connected do not know that these people are even *alive*, let alone require their ring be kissed by an adoring public. nnMore importantly, why drop down to your knees *for* this class of wealth? Do their cultish cucks, their “fans”, their follower fan boys/girls not have ANY form of self respect for their OWN achievements? Their OWN lives? Their OWN self worth? It’s a pity.nnOf course, this makes up 90% of the WWW in 2021, I think. You have 1% of the worshipped, 90% of the worshippers, and ~9% of those who just live and let live (online or off) and don’t partake in the back and forth.nnAnyhow, enough “world-viewing”/societal/cultural/rambling rants from me. I am off to fetch groceries soon, and will update when I get back.nn

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