Not sure what to write so I will just write some stuff that may be nonsense ;)

My tooth socket is doing ok. Clotted over well, so I am happy about that.

Also, confirmed via automated telephone call that I WILL be at the Feb. 28 appointment with the NP, will see what's going on with whatever, get a referral, go from there.

Life is boring without coffee, lol! Seems like my brain has been in a fog since after the dental appointment because A) I had no caffeine since then, B) I have had no "real" foods since then (just sugary pudding snacks and yogurt), and C) it is a gloomy/snowy day outside, and that always puts my brain into a bummed out, foggy state. Don't like feeling "wishy washy", I suppose.

At times like these, I tend to think that the WWW is a mirror for oneself - if I slammed down iced coffee and ate hella good fruits today, I would be on the edge of my seat, wanting to do some dev stuff, keeping somewhat busy/occupied. And of course none of that could happen due to the extraction this morning, but, at any time that I am energized, motivated, enthusiastic, the Internet seems like a bigger/brighter place. Like there is activity everywhere if one is just willing to find it. As where when I am without caffeine, or proper calories, and in a recovery state (of sorts), the WWW just seems like "just another tool", or like the entire laptop is just one, big application where I can log on, do whatever, read, write, piss around for a bit, and then mvoe on with my (IRL) life.

And perhaps this is why so much of the Internet applications, services, and companies market themselves towards youth so much? If I were 15 years old, I would be all over Snapchat, TikTok, an abundant reliliency for dopamine depletion, and I would stream, scroll, and "engage" until I developed a friggin' psychological impairment.

And of course Now, I have to think: is this really good for my life? And am I doing more harm than good? Are these apps/co's keeping my best interests in mind? Are they deliberately targeting youth because they either, A) have money to burn (or their parents money to burn), B) or they are targeting them because they know the "hook 'em while they're young" motto, and are trying to make them lifelong customers? Or is it both? Probably both.

So, the youth then become cogs in machines, and little else. For some old fxxxer like me, I don't want to be inundated with social feeds 24/7, and have my brain become starved of dopamine because I drained it all by scrolling for 45 minutes. I don't want to just be a dude who looks at phones all the time. It's easy as that.

And despite what more high-minded, pseudo philosophical individuals (usually online) will claim (or claim to know) about the internet - no one needs/wants more shit that is toxic. No "new" or "better" or "more private" or "safer" or "genuine" social networks need to be invented - just leave it be. In a broad sense, I sort of see life as; you're either ON or OFF social media. Period. No matter what the drug of choice is (FB, Twitter, TikTok, whatever). Sort of like the difference between someone who was once a raging alcoholic, and is now sober - they now have an ON/OFF switch, and where they set it to makes all the difference in the world. And if someone can dig up a person in the developed world who is over 10 years old who has never seen/been on (or even wholesale addicted to) social media, they maybe that person does not have an ON/OFF switch, but it is always better to keep it permanently set to OFF.

So it's very night and day, for me. Anyone who believes otherwise is either lying or sincerely wrong. But addictions are very real, and people can be very blind to them, even when their world is going to hell.

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