some slap-happy silly words, and some link stuff

1:41 AM. I am still kinda/sorta sick from whatever the hell I have been sick with. Some mild flu-ish bug, though not any variant of COVID (I tested), but rather some unknown face-flushing, general stomach malaise of...yuckiness. It's been a couple weeks, but whatever it is, is passing.

Other health stuff: the increase in PB and avo has definitely improved the lower-abdomen situation! :):) I don't think I have had any pain in that area in two(2!) days! I sincerely didn't know what to make of it, and I am still taking it day-by-day, playing it by ear, but, I think what a lot of what a LOT of things had to do with, was the simple fact that I had an almost 100% fat-free diet and abysmally low GOOD CHOLESTEROL counts. That shit won't fly - at all. So, a spoonful of PB a few times a day (I almost wrote "handful", lmao!), and also guac or/and avo, and of course keeping the sodium foods at bay as much as possible, and things have improved A LOT! Lower-abdomen pains/strains, disappating. The shin tightness and soreness, as well as vein issues in the back of my thighs (which felt like inner-muscle rubber bands being pulled on) - all that shit is feeling significantly better and clearing up. I will continue with the moderately "high fat" (well, "high" fat compared to the lack of fat I was consuming before) diet, and on we go!

And, link stuff: I added to the blogroll ( located here), as well as, because there were a couple blogs I looked up directly through my Firefox history, and then added them to 1Feed, and decided they needed to be on my blogroll, because their shit is pretty cool. Olden schooly tech/dev/retro bloggers, tinkerers, hobbyists, interesting people.

So, go peep the blogroll linked above!

Ok, I had a good amount of caffeine, and I have psych appt tomorrow at 2:30 PM, and then IC all day Friday the day after tomorrow, so...hooray!


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