So, I’m pretty sure I have a NEW ride to the Urologist when I schedule that appt, tomorrow. My sister, “C” can take me, so that is good. I will try to schedule the appt for this week, because the abdominal pains are now in the lower-LEFT *and* lower-RIGHT of my abdomen. There is already confirmed scarring of my right kidney that showed up on the CT scan that I did the other day,and it is likely due to the current bladder infection. It’s basically a bladder viral infection / thickening of the bladder wall / Cystitis. All three are fairly similar, I haven’t been *officially* diagnosed, yet, but it’s one of the three. Or all three. The Urologist will tell. nnIt’s all I can think about, this infection. Abdomen pain gets more pronounced and bothersome as the days go by, and now it is on BOTH sides of the abdomen. And I do not want to risk permanent kidney damage. nnSo, the appt will be made in the morning. Ideally for Thursday. nnThat’s what’s up. nnNow I sit and hear birds chirp outside. Not a pleasant, bird song, just a consistent, non-stop, chirping of identical tone and frequency. Kind of a bird bark. In fact, birds haven’t sung in this general area in months, from what I can tell. Little hymns and ditties that used to fill the morning air – a mix of Robin, Cardinal, Bluejays, etc. – no, it’s a flat-out war of the wings amongst this invasive brown bird species that has over run the breezeway and courtyard at my apartment building. They fight, and claw, and peck, and are territorial with one another, and I have even seen individual birds laying dead near the parking lot – having been pecked, clawed, tormented to death by their own kind. Fucking vicious little things. nnI carry on though. nnBack sometime soon

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