some silly billy, slippery, writery

It's Monday, so I called my caseworker to see if she can bring me back from IC tomorrow. I hope she can, but I had to Voicemail it, because she usually doesn't answer.

It's 10:45 AM, and I bought PB crackers from BP (which is a palindrome, in a way). And after a quick inhalation of those, I cracked open a Diet Pepsi and resumed my binge-watching of comedy on YT.

I had a quaint exchange with a fellow blogger and digi-friend a tad bit ago, and we discussed writing, and the "need" for it, or lack thereof. The correspondences therein were nice, and I like to yam it up with folks "of the Web" that I know. I won't go into distinctions between "online" or "offline" communication, because it is all the same - respect everyone and approach them with dignity, and also, BE approachable and things generally go OK.

The Murphy's Law of the Internet tell me that by me just SAYING that (or writing it) that someone who I have never met before will find my comment button and defend/protect their "shortcomings" that they feel are "rights" (I mean yea, but why defend something that isn't nice? (e.g. it's my "right" to choose to be a blithering drug addict if I want to be - I can't justly defend being so in regular company)). But still, same again, I treat people with a straight forward, dignified approach, and if people backflip into a tizzy, then that leaves me with only that to react to.

And by the by, if anyone reading this thinks I'm "sub-blogging" (similar to "sub-Tweeting") about them, that is not the case. I was guilty of sub-Tweeting people back in the forever days ago, probably back in 2012 era, but I don't write sly online anymore. My blog, my world, no one to impress, and I (likewise) am not impressed by most blogging (my own or many others).

The impulse of text input has hit it's momentary quota. Onto other matters.


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