…from having made another issue of TZATC. It was neat to make an issue in a “lo-fi” way. Not terribly difficult to do it that way, as I didn’t have to deal with any type of formatting issues – just write until my hand hurt, and then photograph the pages, and then organize them into one document (on Google Docs), and then download (export) as a PDF, and then upload to Proton Drive. Simple.nnBetween that, and getting my laundry done, and grocery shopping earlier today, I’d say it’s been a somewhat productive day :)nnFeeling “short”, though. Like something is lacking in this or that aspect of my life. Maybe it is the lack of hiking that is making me feel this way? That is likely it, and I must fix that tomorrow with an early AM hike. It would make me feel a *lot* better. So I will do my best to do this.nnBack later

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