I’ve been watching *LGR* and *The 8 Bit Guy* on YouTube lately (I have been watching their back catalog of videos since the Summer, it seems), as well as Cinemassacre (AVGN) and a few other retro gaming/computing channels, and it sort of makes *me* want to jump into the hobby a bit. I mean, I have the Nintendo Wii (which I just *happen* to have), which is not exactly “retro”, but it *does* have a few games on there that are 10+ years old (Twilight Princess is older than the Wii, as it was originally released for the Nintendo GameCube, and then ported to the Wii). But if I got into retro games, or retro computers, I would have to do it “retro done right”, meaning I would want some **OLD** stuff! nnNow, I DO have some notes I took down in Standard Notes about how I would like to build, from scratch, a “command line game” (I think is how I referred to it as), which would be similar to one of those old cassette tape-loaded games for the Commodore 64 (like how Superman 64 was presented in the AVGN episodes where he briefly talks about it). So, basically, a text-only game that consists of typing commands to complete whatever objective(s) there are in the game. I already have a storyline for it.nn[*3 minutes later*] nnScratch that, I DON’T have that storyline saved (in either Joplin Notes *nor* Standard Notes, but I am sure I wrote a blog post about it, and now I will have to (try to) dig up).nnAnyway, I have that idea, and then another game I want to make called *Pizzle*, which was a puzzle game idea I had and when I was writing about it, I misspelled “puzzle” and “pizzle” and decided I would keep that name. I am not sure what the specifics were for it, but I think I can come up with something. And I would use the Scratch 2 (now Scratch 3?) software to make the puzzle thing.nnBut anyway, retro gear, collecting, games, computers, etc.:nnI can get a good amount of (junk) stuff from Goodwill, probably, and start collecting that way, but the hardcore minimalist in me will not let me spend a bunch of money buying weird, obscure, junk computers and hardware for the sake of tooling around with them. I am MUCH more likely to build (or at least assemble) an emulator of some kind (like the Retro Pi) for games, and then maybe buying *one* (cool) piece of retro tech just for S&G’s – just to have :)nnSo, I will consider this.nnBack later

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