I wrote some time ago about this long-standing theory (or concept) of "floor minimalism", and what it is, essentially, is the idea that anything and everything can be done on/from the floor (or the ground). Utensils, and plates, and sitting surfaces, and mugs, and sleeping bags/pads, yoga mats, etc. - all those things are "allowed". But, it is basically a type of furniture-less, or surface-less kind of philosophy. A sleeping pad or/and yoga mat for sleeping atop of? Yes. A futon or mattress on the floor? Not as much.

But I have no desire to come up with some arbitrary set of "rules" to the entire thing, just saying, the "floor minimalism way" would be a solution that does not involve a surface of any kind. Using a surface would negate it from being "floor minimalism".

That's just one thing on my mind.

Another thing is solar power. Or taking a city (or in my case, a suburban) apartment "off the grid". It'd be way more trouble than it was worth, and I wouldn't do it. But I sometimes wonder if I could keep my energy bills lower than they are now. I mean, if I used a portable lantern (that is charged via solar panel + battery (GoalZero makes them, I believe)) then I could haul that little SOB from room to room - or buy multiple lanterns (one for bedroom, one for kitchen, one for bathroom). I could also use this hypothetical solar battery I mentioned to charge my laptop and phone. And still, I have to cook food (not off the battery, as stoves/ovens consume hella electricity)), and I have to run my fridge (though I can adjust the temp inside the fridge to a slightly lower setting, buy more fresh fruit that require little to no refridgeration). And, as I mentioned in a blog post earlier today, I am a "cold sleeper", so that would mean running the furnace less at night in the Winter, but still needing a thick(er) blanket when the apartment gets to the mid-60s. And then run it well during the day, and perhaps shutting it down sometimes when the sun is blazing on the roof of my top floor apartment. In the Summer, I would run the AC. A lot. BUT, I would buy "black out" curtains (that wouldn't necessarily have to be colored black), to trap IN the AC and keep the sun rays OUT. A (solar-powered) fan would be of assistance in the Summer, as well. And all of this has little to do with the solar panels, per se, but just being super cost-effective and minimal as possible (in terms of carbon footprint (though, I think nearly all carbon offset tech is for the most part futile, as there are already too many humans consuming too many resources on Earth, and if anyone gave a shit about making a difference we'd stop 90% of what we do right now - including expanding our families)).

Why concern myself with "floor minimalism" or a "solar home" at all?

Well, mostly because I am a prime candidate to DO something like these things. I'm a weirdo, middle-aged, single, vegetarian minimalist who likes technology and a great challenge - so why NOT try some weird shit that could be a conversation starter (and a money saver)?

It's been noted ;)

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