So, today, I will make my way to Schnucks and get some mandatory items. The food stock from the other day is “good” (I bought a fair amount), but some other essentials are needed (namely soda). So, I will trek over there in a little bit, but the rain has to stop first. It’s raining consistently now, and has been for hours. It might not have stopped since before sundown yesterday, and the sky was so dark and overcast when I woke up (10:00 AM), thought I *honestly* thought (momentarily) that it was 10:00 PM. No sunshine or light outside whatsoever. nnIt’s brightly overcast outside right now. But rain continues to fall, and is supposed to clear up around 2:00 (hopefully sooner). nnNo other things of note for now. Happy with the smol post I put on [TMO]( last night, as I didn’t know what to expect when starting the entry – I just had a general concept of “things” in mind when I began writing, and let things sort of go from there. I think it turned out well :)nnMore stuff later. Stay well.

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