I snapped a couple photos for [tmo snapping]( but I didn’t upload them yet. Or, I didn’t *publish* them yet, on “tmo snapping”. They *are* uploaded to, though. And I suppose that little experiment is successful, at least for my purposes. The experiment being that I want to be consistent with snapping a couple photos per day, upload them, say something about them, and kinda rekindle my enjoyment of photo-taking – I guess it worked. nn**good times, hard times, life and times**nnI suppose my emotions/mood have been slowly and steadily *improving* over the past few days (as mentioned in a previous blog post, so much depends on the weather). And the reason I have had this improvement in both mood, attitude *and* mindset, is because I removed some toxic people out of my life. And I cannot express enough just how **important** someone’s ATTITUDE and MINDSET is for their mental well-being. If my attitude is shit – my emotions are shit. If my mindset is shit – my overall mood is shit. And in terms of the past week (or more (two weeks probably now, when I think about it)), things in life have gotten a bit better. So that is all I will say about that.nn**For Now**nnThe sun sets on a pretty Spring day. And I move into the night with a good MINDSET and ATTITUDE to see me through :)nnback soon

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