You know how some people don't like crowds (IRL)?

Or how some people don't even like very small gatherings (IRL)?

Or how some don't really "get out", or go to the store, or anywhere where there would be a chance encounter with other people?

I am like that with online interaction, for the most part. If someone sends me a formal e-mail, I appreciate it and usually respond quickly, but if it is some "public" space, or a "group" or a "chat" or a "forum" or something like that - I will avoid it like I was avoiding the plague. I just won't have it (by choice or by chance).

I don't know why this is? Probably because most (if not all) other people online cannot control their impulses and attitudes on the Internet - they really "let loose" and know beyond any shadow of a doubt, that there will simply be NO consequence for their digital interactions - so why fxxxing bother with human etiquette? Humans are flawed creatures from the start (as all creatures are, in their own way, I suppose) - and to "break down a barrier" (social consequence) in any medium of communication (via quasi anonymity online) - it just isn't my thing. If people like to express their creative wordsmanship, or video, or whatever the case, in a digital format and purge their personal greivances with anyone who crosses their path - by all means, jump into the bowels of Reddit and act out until your face is blue. No one is stopping you.

I prefer NOT to toss my line into the murky waters of distraught Netizens (most of whom are wild-eyed social media junkies (again, most if not nearly all of them)), and if it is true what "they" say, that social networks have corroded the social fabric of society - then where does that leave the (already knee-capped) form of communication amongst people who "have nothing to lose" on the Internet?

It's a fxxxing digital minefield, using the Internet in 2022. Like walking on egg shells, in a trial by fire, where every turn is wrong and every path crossed is a dead end.

So, that's why I take my blog on my own self-hosted service. And that's why I only have a handful of people who I continue to communicate with. And that's why I don't "speak freely" to nearly anyone that comes my way.

Just taking note

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