On the balcony again. Or *still* I should say. I barely went inside today. Nice change of pace. Outdoors are beautiful ❤️. nnEven though it is 80°+ out here, I am having hot coffee ☕ and just “bracing it”, because it is worth it for the caffeine hit and the ambiance. nnAlso, nonny’s are happening (non-filtered cigarettes). Delightful. nnBut, a random observance I had: there was an old lady walking her two dogs earlier. Slowly. Solemnly. Nearly invisibly and without noise or disturbance, when I thought:nn”All three of those creatures will be dead in ten years”nnBizarre, perverse, and downright morbid, I know. But, the lady was nearing 80 (or appeared to be), and the dogs looked like senior animals, as well. Dogs lifespans are also relatively short regardless. It just *happened to cross my mind*, and I am fairly open/candid on this blog, so I decided to share it. **I** am not a morbid person in any way whatsoever. But, anyway…nnThe coffee is delightful. The air is delightful. The slight breeze is delightful. The sun is everywhere. The clouds are nowhere. So I will get back to balcony sitting for now. nnBack later

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