In roughly 40 mins (who knows by the time I finish this post?) the Meetup will start in the [ Cafe]( (in the IRC chat box atop the comments area). nnSo I figured I’d hammer out a post real quick about my day, so far, as uneventful as it has been, lol!nnThe walk to/from Walgreens was nice, but as I mentioned, there was no WU in operation at that time, so I couldn’t retrieve the $40 sent to me. I didn’t call to see if they (WU) un-fxxxed themselves yet, or not, so I will wait until tomorrow because I am not going all the way down there again twice in the same day.nnI also found some weird zine-related stuff, such as software to make the printing process easier (how? I do not know – so I will go the easiest method of one-sided pieces of standard printer paper and just binding them together with a simple laminated cover). I also found a couple cool zine sites for a couple people’s homemade zines, and one even used an ISBN #! Fancy! I won’t go *that* far (I doubt any of these issues would need to be categorized or archived in any type of library or anything, so…). Cool lookin’ stuff out there on the WWW, though. The one I mentioned (with an ISBN) has a particularly nice appearance to it, called [FUCK COMPUTERS](, and I don’t know who the author/publisher is, but he is either really good, or really bad at making websites, because they all seem like a mish mash of columns with text, and I don’t actually know what is going on with any of them. The zine looks cool, though.nnThen I thought: “Oh, **I** need a proper page/site for ‘the zine'”, then decided that my lazy page on this blog is good enough, lol! Besides, how else *would* someone even catch a glimpse of the zine’s existence if they didn’t read this blog in some format or another? I don’t “go” anywhere else online. I don’t use any other “public” accounts that I put cOnTeNt onto. No YouTube, or social platform, or Pixelfed, or newsletter, or anything indicating as much as a digitized smoke signal of: “hey, take a gander over here”. Just a straight page, chronological blog. Doesn’t matter.nnAfter 25+ years of being ONLINE and OFFLINE (mostly ONLINE, I suppose), I’ve basically boiled down the essentials of what I want/need out of the Internet (at this point in time). I wrote a bit about it [here](, but let’s just say that I don’t spend *that* much time clicking/fussing around with services that aren’t familiar/friendly to me. They either work and I love them, or they don’t and **I** don’t. YT seems mostly unavoidable in terms of USING that service, though, because that monopoly has cornered the user-uploaded content “market” (e.g. everyone who wants to put a moving picture online has to put it on YT otherwise not get any attention nor traction). Sad, but that is the world we live in :/nnI’ll wrap it up and get ready for the Meetup. Hope to see some folks there :)nnback soon

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