Lol, feeling super jaded with a lot of stuff people are writing online, *about* **writing online**, and all this meta blogger type stuff I have been keeping up with lately, with under/overtones of 1990s “Internet Superhighway” idealism that writing ONLINE is some damn big special thing.nnIt doesn’t matternnHammer out text like a fxxxing typewriter, look it over (once, if that), add it to the pile of papers or crumple that fxxxer up and start afresh. What comes of the paper stack afterwards doesn’t matter. Just that there *is* a stack and you’ve (perhaps) somehow changed your life in some small way or another.nnNotes, and blurbs, and bios, and abouts, and nows, and POSSE, and philosophy.txt documents, and “is using” pages, and colophon – fxxx it.nnAnd yea, I’m guilty of this silly internet writer shit – I wrote about POSSE before (dumb thing, actually). Blurbs/bios/abouts? I have an about page on **TMO**, it’s brief and accurately pointless. “Is using” or/and colophon pages? I don’t care much, and I never made one as far as I can remember. nnIt’s one of the things that drew me to W.a, and which still does, and that’s that it is a text-entry-first type of an ordeal. Unlike Ghost, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and all the other “big” blog platforms, I am not pestered with a chunked out Dashboard of Stats, and Subscribers, and Theme Options, and Add-Ons, and Plug-Ins and every other kitchen sink feature that could conceivably be involved with writing a blog – with the text editor option as a *little bitty* widget in the center of the screen. nnLike my Southern neighbors would say, “just *git*!”. LMAO!nnAnd yea, I DO like to write online. It makes the bit (the writing bit) seem worthwhile, to me. I don’t have a heartbeat or a pulse or a desire to put much text into the world when I am just casually maximizing a note-taking pane on my laptop, and writing some stuff and letting it sit, unresolved, festering (still) in the back of my mind, and pestering me to do SOMETHING with it. **Publish** is completion, much like the removal of a piece of paper from a typewriter, and the archive (of a blog) is the paper stack. I don’t think *that* is too caught up in high-minded 90s ideology for some (most) people to wrap their heads around. nnSo, I keep things simple. If I can (which, of course I can), and I don’t get too caught up in the pretentious “magic” of writing on the Web.nnIt works.nnback later

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