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Reminds me of the title of the Truman Capote book "Other Voices, Other Rooms", which was a good book as I remember. It was written pre-In Cold Blood, so it is one of his better ones. Though I DID like "Music For Chameleons", which came after ICB, which was sort of a conversational style, like that of two actor's dialogue on a script. MFC lead me to write Metro, a short fiction back in 2009, which I edited many times over, and is more or less "complete" now.

Love that author. Brilliant writing, all the time.

I feel good. In a sense that I am putting my mind on "pause" and just being in a still moment for a while. Meaning for several hours. A nice way to recollect and renew my mind a bit.

Even conceptualizing this "way of being" is likely impossible if I had notifications turned on on my phone, or had "somewhere to be", or was "missing out". No strings are attached to these moments, and as the song lyrics go, "no body waiting, at hoooome".

So there's a nice element of my life, and how I choose to live it - non-commitment and indifference towards permanence. I spoke of how I felt with "the dog situation" yesterday, and how his separation anxiety stopped me from just living my life. Since I've been dog-free since late-2014, things have become better, and I continue singing the high praises of not being attached, and being ambiguous, in general.

Sorry this post touched on several separate subjects and went nowhere - just spitting chaw on the wall and seeing what sticks, and for this entry, none of it did.

I'm still reading some stuff from, but I am just going to put some of those feeds in my RSS reader, and go at it that way.


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