Making fries for supper tonight. Simple Ore-Ida "extra thin and crispy" fries, so that will be tasty. I usually avoid most starchy carbs, but I tend to have them once or twice a month to remind my body that, "hey, these exist!" so I don't get some Keto-esque organ failure or some shit, lol! I still eat hella carbs though, but they are just not the white, starchy carbs you find in fries and whatnot.

Been watching audio equipment (audiophile) type of videos on YouTube lately, and I do not know why. I assume that "phase" of my life (however brief it was) is over, and now I want to simply (re)embrace who I actually am, which is a "professional appreciator of music" (to use a term from the movie High Fidelity). Or, another term I would use; a music snob. Definitely don't care a whole lot about "the best" sound I can achieve through financial conveyances and over-the-top gear - even if my wallet did allow it (which it never has and never will). So, I will stick to decent headphones and maybe a decent amp/DAC combo in the future (again, headphone-friendly), and that is as far as I think I will go.

OK, fries are ready

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