Got Fugazi on right now, and by the time I am done with this paragraph, I will be onto another punk song, because they are all fairly short.nnGonna make a *good* old school punk playlist tonight, too. That, or keep adding to my **sub-punk** playlist.nnAs mentioned, I’m having coffee as I listen. The second cup of coffee, in fact. No problem because I had plenty of sleep (3.5 hours), and it is 2:50 AM, and I feel very good.nnAnd speaking of music stuff, I need to make some (simple) upgrades to my system. Only now, I am thinking of stuff outside of *just* laptop compatible stuff. Such as a proper amp/DAC for the television or/and some system for the desk (laptop) setup (a different amp/DAC?). This setup (or these setups) include the Audio-Technica R77X (is the model?) over-the-ear headphones I have been lusting after for some time. A significant upgrade from the ATH-M30’s, and still in my price range. I definitely wanted the AudioQuest Nighthawk Carbon cans for a while, but A) they are out of production, and B) they run $500+. NOT in my price range, at all. In fact, a lot of the gear I plan on getting is fairly “humble”, but there can be such *great* sound achieved for a reasonable price. And I am no high-minded audio snob (a music snob, perhaps – but not a hi-fi jerk, at all), so the goal here (if there is a goal) is to get the MAXIMUM sound quality for any given price range for any given component. Which is another reason I love head-fi stuff – the “bang for your buck” factor is increased by a level of 100 when compared to speakers + room treatments for the room the speakers are in + the amp to *push* those speakers, and on and on.nnAnyway, had my second cuppa coffee, am plenty wired, listening to Bad Religion, having fun! Back later!n

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