Thunderstorm here. More windy than before. It rained earlier and it was a rain forest-like torrential downpour. An inch or more of water of flowing down the parking lot, the storm drain next to the dumpster next to my building was full, and a miniature Rio Grand had formed across the center of the courtyard. I couldn’t be outside to witness it, be a part of it, because the rain was coming in sideways, and the entire balcony was drenched and the sliding glass door was drenched, as well. Meaning I couldn’t have the door cracked open to at least *hear* the storm.nnNow, the precipitation *amount*, the quantities of water falling from the sky and the raindrop size, is more or less “normal” – but the clouds above are large, and black, and move very quickly, and the lightning is sporadic all *throughout* the sky (not just in one area), and the thunder eruptions are deep and frequent.nnThe St Louis County flash flood/tornado warning system (a large siren perched along Baumgartner Road) has been going off every two minutes for the past hour, and usually runs continuously *for* two minutes, which also makes balcony sitting undoable.nnSo, I sit inside (and write), and have the sliding glass door closed (not to prevent rain, but to muffle the sirens), and in the audible background I can hear considerable thunder, and every so often a brightness comes through the corner of the blinds, indicating a large lightening strike (followed immediately by another roll of thunder, of course).nnI thought about storms as I was out *in* the storm a few moments ago (before the high winds and sirens), and thought: sometimes, oftentimes, if the mood strikes me right, thunderstorms (the non-threatening ones) are usually the **best** thing anyone can see/experience. Being near an open window while they are occurring, or being outside under a covering while one is surrounded on all sides by the pouring rain – it’s absolutely life affirming and enthralling :)nnSo, back to it I will go. Waiting for a break in the winds and sirens to be “out in it” again.nnback soon

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