I ordered Motrin from CVS, and I took three of them, and I already am feeling better. I also ordered Taster's Choice instant coffee, which is a lighter roast, but the way I make it, it just turns into a more frothy espresso :P Making some right now. And, my tobacco order has been delivered, but I am waiting on the ice in the parking lot to melt some more before I go and fetch the mail.

bye, Meta

I saw a thing on R.w.a about the decline of Facebook (or, Meta), and I found the quotes there really interesting - one from a traditional publication, one from an Op-Ed in the NYT, and one quote from a traditional blog (the blog, 500ish I have been a reader of for a long time). And yea, FB (apparently, I didn't know) lost $250B (26%) of it's value when news came out that daily user numbers were in decline. And, of course, FB will still be around in five years (I think it will be, anyway), but Zuckerberg will not be the CEO anymore, and it will not be anywhere near the size it is now (not even a small fraction of 1.9 billion users as we see today).

Of course, I do not use FB in any way, and I haven't had an account with them since 2014, and I never will again - but, I do hope the company declines in size (IDGAF about it's "market cap" or what it is valued at (which is much less now, and that valuation will continue to go down (of course I can only guess because I know very little about markets/co valuations/etc.))). Mostly, I want FB to go down in userbase (or "daily active users") because I feel that social media, in general, is a bad thing for individuals. As are all addictions.

Still, I am already in "once upon a time mode" when it comes to social media (because I haven't had socials for over two years now). I look back on it very similarly to how I look back on AOL chatrooms back in the day (which I friggin' loved at one time), which of course are now long gone. And I think the technology of some social media might still offer a bit of value in some rare circumstances. Such as privately run, decentralized, versions (or servers) of Twitter (right now there is Mastodon - and that's the best "clone" out there) could prove useful to people who need immediate/rapid/public/transparent communication. It'd be a small "protocol" so to speak, which I think Twitter calls their thing "Blue Sky", but anyone could come along and make something better than Activity Pub, or the Scuttlebutt protocol, or Blue Sky, or anything that is currently being offered right now. I probably wouldn't use it, the same way I don't use Discord for chatroom functions (I think that is what Discord is primarily all about(?) - I never really used it). But, it is nice that from this 15+ year "social media hulabaloo" (which did little else other than weaken democracy, decay social fabric, and make a scant few rich men richer) that some type of "protocol" can be salvaged from it. That someone can take an (open source) thing and do a thing with it (if they have the technical know-how).

Anyway, gone are the days where AOL chatrooms where a caffeinated brain bomb of energy and excitement and digital dialogue (the first "true democratic medium" (which it never panned out to be in the end)), and gone are the days where Twitter was small (and that is a key factor to making/keeping a social platform good/interesting - small in size) and people (anyone and everyone) corresponded openly and weirdly about preposterous stuff 24/7 (and also the second stab at a "true democratic medium" (which, again, it didn't pan out to be)). And gone are the days (or gone will be the days) where Facebook is an unfaultering juggernaut of Silicon Valley (much like Yahoo was, at one time). What goes up, must come down.

Me? I'll be A-OK :)

back soon