some music to ring in the evening

Guns N' Roses "Civil War", their best song, rings through the TIN T2 headphones right now.

But now, I stroll down a mid-to-late-90s Memory Lane with Sixpence None The Richer, and then will follow it with some Natalie Imbruglia after that, I think.

Stuff that fucking screams 90s pop culture

No writing of throwback days, though. I am not prone to get too nostalgic about shit, if I can avoid it. It's just time that's passed, and better things are sure to await.

I may be a little gloomy, though - I divulge:

Insofar as the "better things are sure to await" thing I said a moment ago, I would say that "the future is brilliant, bright, clean and lovely", which sounds nice, but I have a semi-permanent state of mind of: "these are interesting times to be alive". Which is true! Unfortunately "interesting" doesn't default to "good". Ecologically, environmentally, and economically, grim times await. But, I do NOT recommend people say to one another "these things are hard to think about, but we have to deal with them". No! We really don't/can't deal with them. At all. So I would actually promote people live in the Here and Now, and not (helplessly) concern themselves with fixing the world.

I mean, granted, people want (and need, really) the environment to be peachy keen, and are "against" pollution and deforestation, etc. - obviously. No one stands on a soap box and calls for the actual degradation of Planet Earth, so no one is a "bad" person for avoiding this subject. They're just sane. Normal, really.

So if there is a single thing you read today that allows you "permission" to NOT overwhelm yourself with shit that can't be addressed in the near/distant future - here it is. Live life, be happy!

Now, "Sun Goes Down" by Jim Yosef + ROY KNOX

Coffee soon

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