Had coffee, and now it is Paramore on the headphones. Listening to their self-titled album from 2013. "Fast In My Car" is still one of my favorite Paramore songs. A very "full" sounding and rounded out album, for sure. So many good songs on this album. "(One of Those) Crazy Girls" is friggin' hysterical, too.

I'm done with coffee for now, though. Had a bold cup after an oatmeal dinner, and am feeling fairly full, myself ;)

I will swing by the laundromat later and hit up the soda machine for a pop and perhaps something from the vending machine for later. I'm such a caffeine freak, I swear.

But, it's whatever

getting kicks

What makes some people tick, I wonder? Like what things, activities, habits, etc. help a particular individual "get through the day", or even life? I mean, some things (if not all things for some folks) are plastered all across social media, and anything that could be construed as "noteworthy" makes it onto some feed somewhere. And I used to think that many of these moments, events, occurrences tended to be relatively NOT noteworthy in some cases. What they had for lunch, what they thought about this issue or that, observances of life. And, I suppose these things are the same for me, only I tend to do them in longform blog format, and not in short blurbs and photos and snaps and things like that.

And really, many things do make it onto the blog - that's why I can write 2-3K words per day of just whatever the hell is going on with me. It's a bit like being a written form of a radio DJ - someone who just loves to hear the sound of their own voice, I tend to love to correspond my thoughts, ideas, grievances, etc. and kind of go through and edit them as I go, re-reading them, and then finally hitting Publish.

So, that is kind of how it works with me. And it's one form of me "getting kicks", because I do not consume alcohol, or smoke pot (not that I would be against the latter, if given the opportunity), and I don't go out and party, or act a fool in any way.

But, everybody is different, I suppose. Most people really are trying their best, I think. Regardless of the hand they were dealt, what their situation is in life, where they are going, where they were, etc.

back soon