I just finished yammering on **TMO** about how I am using LibreWolf (perhaps exclusively?) now. It is a fork of Firefox, and works almost exactly the same, only with more control, and more privacy. Looks nice, too.nnI went ahead and did the mandatory log-in to Google/YouTube with the Yubikey hardware security key, as I will of course need to have access to my YouTube account (+ history + recommendations), but that’s the only service I use with the Yubikey – Google.nnI also logged in to all W.a services (W.a,,, and soon More things will be logged into throughout the day.nnAs far as browser history, and all the items on regular Firefox, I cannot import them. Meaning I cannot sign-in to my actual Firefox account on this browser. Because it is a **fork** of Firefox, not 100% affiliated with Firefox, itself. nnOh well.nnI can import bookmarks still, which I won’t bother with.nnSo now I get to build up a new web history, I suppose. No big deal. For the better(?), maybe.nnBy default this browser has a “clear cookies” feature enabled whenever I close the browser. I am glad I noticed that, and unticked the box, because I don’t want that shit for a desktop browser. It’s fine for Firefox Focus on Android and DuckDuckGo browser (for Android), but I rarely get use from those apps, because having no history in a browser is incredibly annoying to me.nnEverything seems good with LibreWolf, though. No complaints as of yet.nnback soon

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