So, I have the [Taking Stock (pts. 1-3)]( checklist posted here on **TMO**, and that checklist is also saved in Standard Notes. And below that checklist (in SN) are the specific items in the June budget – nn- utility bills (two of them, for the apartment, itself, that is)n- my apartment rentn- unlimited data on my phonen- $20 to put on my laundry cardn- Tidal music (I def need that)n- and then X amount of dollars to go towards paying back the moms what I owe her for the small loans (that added up quick!) for the failed excursion out westnnAlso, I have a generous tobacco budget for June. *Some* tobacco gear has been bought, but again, I am taking stock on those items, as well as *ALL* life items, so I can bring down the budget long term, and also have more “financial room” to pay back my mother quicker (and also just to have more money on hand for after she is paid back) because A) I hate owing people money, and B) I don’t like having to PAY BACK money – even though it has to be done, of course. (imagine me in 2016/17 when I was doling out a couple hundred a month to pay off a hefty credit card bill – I was in agony!).nnSo, in June, along with all the recurring monthly bills, I am going to go ahead and purchase ALL of the items in “pt. 2” of the Taking Stock list (which is “tobacco + tobacco gear”). A few of those items are done – the pipe, the pipe tamper, and more pipe cleaners than I know what to do with. But, in June, I have roughly $160-ish going towards that segment (the tobacco segment) of the list. It’s gear that will last me a *good* amount of time, and I won’t have to bother with it for a while.nnIn July, I will be doing the same recurring bills, and then choosing which of the two remaining sections I “take care of” – be it any/all “food items”, or, any/all “hygiene” and “life goods” items (the latter two I decided to separate into parts “a.” and “b.”, because it is easier that way. In my mind).nnMeanwhile, I have $130+ going out the door to pay back my mother (from June until (at least) August). Again, when I get more stuff from the list, those are no longer monthly expenses (for a period of time), and I can put that money saved towards paying off what is owed quicker.nnI hope that makes sense. At least *I* have it all straightened out on paper and in my mind. nnI’m surprisingly “good” at budgeting. Mostly because I take a very direct, and real approach to it all. I also don’t go deep into consumerism, and I have a “moderate” standard of living, I suppose. I’m perfectly happy, so that is all that counts.nnBut, more money saved is better. Always. So I will get back to that position soon enough.nnback laternn

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