I am having my this d cup of coffee this AM (2:35 right now) and I am just staying awake/ready for getting back to the Amtrak so I can continue along. I also need to swing by that Sinclair and buy two (2) packs of smokes. Those should definitely see me through until Eugene, Oregon. nnI think I will have plenty of time to swing by there (Sinclair) before the Amtrak officially departs (Sinclair is 1/4 mile from the station). nnAnd also, all I can do is stay awake and think about how bad I want to *leave* this hotel. I wouldn’t be comfortable/happy sleeping at all. So, on with the show, as they say. nnI am REALLY looking forward to the Northwest. Everyone says that when we get into Montana territory, and down on through Oregon, we are in for a treat. I believe it too, from photos I’ve seen, and what *everyone* has said. nnSo, good times ahead :)nnOn packing:nnThings seem to be working out OK with the gear I have. I just had a shower a bit ago, and I changed clothes, and I am going to “dress for the weather” as much as I can. I will also do laundry when I get to Eugene. Necessary. nnOn money:nnConserving. Frugal as can be. Only spending on what I need to, *when* I need to. Not spending $$ on fast food and ish like that. Broke ass, as usual – LOL!nnThe coffee is decent.nnBack soon

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