I remember calling Tumblr blogging “Tumblogging”, and a mobile blog post a “moblog” (which was a term that lasted for a few days when I had the Samsung Blackjack II phone (Windows 7 Mobile?) and went through the painstaking process of loading Google’s Blogger on a mobile web browser), but then in 2010 I started to just call them “mobile blogs” when I discovered there was a Blogger app for Android (Froyo?), and I could do a quick and dirty blog post from my HTC Aria phone on-the-fly.nnI remember my friend at the time (2010) saying that he was able to download *Torrents*(!) using his Motorola Charm phone. Hell, he even said he could pay his taxes with the thing! This was super-duper-future stuff, to me. I figured anyone and everyone would need a desktop in their house to do *anything* significant on the WWW. But slowly but surely, there “was an app for that” on both iOS and Android as time went on, and desktops/laptops became less necessary for many, Many people. Of course neither desktops nor laptops will ever be “obsolete”, as not many things would not exist on the Internet if they weren’t here – but long story short, I was *enamored* with the fact that FULLY CAPABLE computers had been “figured out”, and made ubiquitous, in *my* lifetime with the invention of smartphones. Or at least fully capable for what MOST people need/want to do MOST of the time.nnSo, right now, since the fan kicked on again with the MBA (maybe because it sat next to the sliding glass door when it was open for too long?) I am hammering out this blog post via my phone (which is, in and of itself, on it’s last leg – but I’m taking care of that soon).nnMobile writing. Fun subject (kinda). Fun to write about. On mobile.nnBack later

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