Well, my birthday is over, today is a day like any other day, and that is A-OK. I have therapy tomorrow (Friday) at noon via Google Duo, and that will be nice as it has been nearly four weeks since the last appointment, mostly due to be rescheduling because of leg pain that wouldn’t let me focus on anything *but* the leg pain. But I am on the mend now, so the appointment should be productive.nnNow, I am having good, natural, (instant) coffee, which is a much better source of caffeine than the Monster Energy drinks I have been drinking all day (all day yesterday, that is). Those things are dangerous, lemme tell ya. Just not healthy. But I have one once in a blue moon as a sort of “treat”, and I am OK with that. They ARE friggin’ delicious.nnAnd I just realized that I didn’t take a shower yesetrday, as I was busy and didn’t happen to think about it, haha (gross). But I think I sorta decided that I would not use the shower again until the new curtain + curtain liner + shower pad arrived, which they did yesterday, so I will deep clean the bathroom in it’s entirety and install those things, pitch the old ones, and actually utilize them.nnDamn fine coffee. At around 9:00 AM I will walk to BP (slowly, carefully) and try to stay dry while doing so (it may still be raining at that time), and pick up more Luckies and some soda for the day, etc.nnGetting through! :)nnBack latern

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