So recently I discovered that I can add Masto feeds to my 1Feed RSS reader. Cool. I only added one person (a good friend), and I may add a couple more folks in the future. IDK.nnBut, I clicked around a bit, on random profiles, and anyone/everyone is talking of…nn**Trigger warning, Content Warning (CW), spoiler alert, whatever**nn…Elon Musk is (probably) buying Twitter. So, I did a DDG search, and under News on DDG, I see that NYT and WaPo are relatively certain that Musk will be buying Twitter.nnSmart move. *Bad* move (bad people buy bad companies, I guess), but as the quoted “letter to staff” in the CNET article I read stated: “Twitter will act on what is best for it’s shareholders”.nnBrilliant. Fxxx those mangy “users”/customers (a bit of sarcasm there – I don’t dislike people who use Twitter (it is only their own issue), I am more remarking on how Twitter executives think of and treat the “users” who make it what it is).nnI, personally, am 110% relieved that I stopped using Twitter (and all socials) in late-2019. As in, deleted the accounts, not just “tampered down” usage of them.nnSo, I don’t have a dog in this fight. Or any dog in any fight. Just taking notice of this wild/crazy shit, and writing BS about it, I guess.nnThat’s all. Hope everyone is having a great day! 🙂

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