Migrated to the living room, to the easy chair, and put on a second cup of coffee (which will be instant espresso), and gonna zone out and write for a while, lol! It's important for me to remember the calm, and ease, of nights like this - rain falling outside, nothing too pertinent or special on the agenda for the foreseeable future (need to do laundry Monday AM, is all), I feel overall ok (all things considered with lack of good sleep) - I can't really complain about a whole hell of a lot.

Mmm, this espresso is good. Perking me right up :)

on blogging

I'm pretty happy with this blogging setup I have going here. Ghost is a fxxxing joy to use (though I really liked Blot.im a hell of a lot, too - certainly better templates at Blot), I don't have to worry about servers errors being thrown at me 90% of the time after I publish a post like I did on W.a (mostly because it is my server, and I maintain and manage this ish), and I also feel more ambiguous on a self-hosted platfom/service - not like I am part of some ongoing conversation or collection of different people saying this about that and what happened with what - yada yada, blah blah.

Instead, it's just me, and a handful of four or five other folks I have met online over the years (most of whom are also part-time/full-time/whatever-time bloggers) that I correspond with over e-mail here and there. Basically, everything I always wanted in the blogging realm: write a lot (for fun), meet a few folks who are mutually interesting, and maintaining communicae through e-mail, and not some big public forum where everyone has their two cents tossed in.

It's (yet) another reason I ditched W.a - the oncoming Remark.as service, which is basically nothing like the "portable, privacy-first comments" the owner of that service promoted for nearly three years. I mean, I'm glad Remark.as didn't exist in that time (as I had been on W.a for nearly four years), because if Remark.as did exist, I would have never fired up my own contact form (via Carrd.co), which was initially a low-grade version of the Thanx Project that I am working on (sometimes) now, and wouldn't have had actual "portable, privacy-first comments" in the form of encrypted e-mail (on Proton Mail). Instead, I would have been reliant on Remark.as (similar to how some people are reliant on Midnight.pub, or Smol.pub, or Discus, or even Twitter for certain communication), and I don't like being "locked in" to a platform, if I can avoid it.

But yea, I suppose that is all I can offer (opinion-wise) in terms of the ongoing "decentralization" conversation the WWW is having nowadays (or, what I am reading about on my 1feed blog RSS reader) - a lot of what decentralization is, is up to the individual to do/practice/partake in, as there is no one, big, grand daddy of a service that is going to say "here's your comments, your video hub, your photo service, etc. - and by the way, it's private and decentralized because we said so". No, if someone blogs, start a VPS (or home server) and keep that part there. Communication, keep that somewhere else. Feeds and "news", put that in a different place, still. The only "centralization" of anything should start and end with the end user (YOU!). It's more of a series of steps taken, or a personal protocol (decentralization is), and less of a thing that someone would have to wait for someone else to make happen FOR them.

So anyway, nearly 700 words in and I've rambled enough for right now, I think. Haha.

back soon