So I wasn’t expecting to “rant” about YT in the last post, not that it matters, though I *will* say that blogging, and writing in general, be it public or not, and legitimately *venting* through the written word is *much* better than consolidating and concentrating a 500+ word diatribe of rage into a small 250-ish character text box (like Twitter). Kind of a vicious cycle, trying to “vent” online nowadays (unless it’s a blog), because most platforms will censor/limit what can be said (and what is allowed to *be* said, sometimes) so, “venting” generally doesn’t occur. **Venting**, itself, is a good, healthy(ish), cathartic thing, though. It can be done almost anywhere (in a handwritten journal, on a blog, whatever the case – it’s a good thing to do). If there is ever as much as an insinuation (or worse, *assumption*) that a rant/vent could be censored, talked back to, dismissed, or downright banned (from a platform), then it fails to lose it’s luster, and the mental/emotional benefits of having “gone on a rant” dissipate to nothingness.nnIt doesn’t mean anyone has to read a rant. Or agree with it. Or go along with it. The important thing is that the person (the rantER) “gets it out of their system”, instead of bottling it up. No other interest needs to be taken from it whatsoever. nnSites like Twitter, Facebook (and a smattering of other platforms) will try to (somehow) draw a frenzy to a person’s “rant”, but it is solely for the purpose of engagement. And us, humans who use(d) those services (I say “used” in the past tense for me, because I’m 110% done with socials), have no other way of seeing this (a trend towards people commenting/RT’ing/engaging with rants) as anything else other than outright negativity. So the platform stops being fun, use *of* that platform stops being fun for the individual, and long term everyone just does something else. Raging away the hours of their life in the meantime until they get/feel better.nnThat’s a small rant on rants. But it felt good to write it :)nnback soon

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