I’m plenty awake, even though I only got a few hours of sleep. I am having coffee (almost done with it), and I am listening to the wind chimes outside as the breeze blows. nnI look up at the Xmas tree, and as nice as it is, I am still 100% picturing what it will look like with it gone, and anticipating the day I will have free space back in my living room. It’s only once a year, though (having to deal with a tree), so not a big deal, at all.nnNow, the coffee is done, and I move on to diet soda (which is unhealthy, but I *am* a soda drinker). Sometime tomorrow, probably in the morning, I will fetch *more* smokes from BP, as I am on my last pack right now. I’d love to just be having a pipe, instead, but the tobacco order is not here (as I’ve mentioned quite a few times before, lol). It’s on it’s way to my local post office, so hopefully it heads out TODAY, and not MONDAY (which would be a serious pain in the ass).nnNo plans until Wednesday, though, I don’t think. I have a phone call appointment with someone Wednesday, and then an in-person appointment with someone Friday. The P Family Xmas next Sunday (the Sunday *after* this Sunday), and I am looking forward to that, for sure.nnJust a calm, chill night here. nnHaven’t heard back from the e-mail I sent to PDAnet(.co), yet. I hope to hear back on when (or if) they decide to make a macOS Monterey-compatible version of their application. I’m sure it’s hella hard to implement these types of changes with Apple silicon, but considering this is their most relevant application, I would assume it’s their top priority. I would like to not have to do the song and dance of closing all my apps just to launch the PDAnet application, and have it work for a while, only for it to crash (again) under heavy loads. I *am* glad that I figured out that work around, though (after a lot of trial and error), as it allows me to do at least a *little* dev work, but it is by no means a permanent solution. So, here’s hoping they get a new app out soon, and then I can just go along with everything as usual – no need to buy a dedicated WiFi hotspot (which I *will* end up doing in the long run, anyway, but the good ones can be quite pricey). It also sucks that CricketWireless has such a shotty website that they didn’t allow me to simply buy *their* hotspot *this* month, in December (which is what I tried like hell for an hour to do). I got a timeout/session error, and even the website itself didn’t seem to know what it was doing (CW is a notoriously junk website to log into/work with). So, maybe the website is fixed now? Maybe I can buy a hotspot from a physical store (if they still run physical stores?). We’ll see. CW *is* my first option, though, because everything else would involve a pricey AT&T or T-Mobile data plan, which adds up over time. Cricket is dirt cheap!nnIt’s also too bad that I don’t go all-in with a data plan on a tablet of some kind (like an iPad Air), and not have to worry about *this* data plan, and *that* device, and on and on. I mean, the cost would be not *that* much more than what I pay now, but the downside is that I would (essentially) be computer-less (meaning without a *proper* desktop enviro), and that is simply something I cannot go without, haha. Been there, done that – no thanks.nnAnyway, I’ll wrap up the blog post because I have rambled a while, it seems. Gonna carry on with the night.nnback later

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