Back to the Noir Golden Dusk coffee, because I ran out of the regular Folgers. Both are very good. And I had a bowl of HH Old Dark Fired tobacco leaf (that is a fun name to type, for some reason). Very good tobacco blend :)

I wrote some stuff on tmo earlier, about being an "Internet beggar" (me), and I thought that turned out fairly ok. I wrote it as I finished a load of laundry, but didn't tag it #laundrywriting, because it was sort of a different style post.

So, writing has slowed down, and I plan on keeping it slowed down. But the writing, itself, hasn't slowed - the publishing has slowed. Greatly. I write maybe a sentence, or two paragraphs, and then delete it. I can't bring myself to write out rambling/useless/filler posts anymore, I don't think. Some stuff may still seem that way, but it is actually writing that I consider "decent", or at least informative for me/my life.

Anyhow, I will continue on with the evening. I'll be back later.