Had an egg sandwich for supper, the second one of the day – tasty! And now I am making coffee, the last of what is in this container, but luckily I bought another container when I was at Schnucks this AM. There was about three scoops worth in there when I poured it into the mug, so this is basically going to be espresso. Fun!nn**Let’s discuss web dev for a moment, shall we?**nnI’m committed as ever to doing web development – just because there will be a(nother) gap month in the hobby/practice doesn’t mean I don’t *want* to be doing it. There is *so much* to learn, figure out, tool with, enjoy – I fxxxing love it! nnSoon here (in Jan) I will have the mobile hotspot. I do not have any extenuating circumstances or outstanding debts to concern myself with for the month of January, so getting a *good* hotspot will be no problem, at all. I am referring, of course, to a third-party 5G unit – not something less. So, this will be a good thing, indeed.nnI’ll say more about all this (the hotspot scenario) later.nnThe coffee (espresso) is damn good! Giving me a burst of energy :)nnBe back soon

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