...with some coffee (heating now). I slept around five hours, so that isn't too bad, I suppose.

I went ahead and added the sound sample I uploaded earlier to the "music" folder on the MacBook, and will be sure to add it to the external SSD later, as well. I also need to make an album of "new randoms" of photos that I continue to take, sound samples I continue to record, text documents I continue to write, and have them all in one, single folder on the desktop and then put them in their "proper" folders on the external SSD at another time - so I am not constantly retreiving the SSD, saving stuff, putting it away.

And...done and done on that. Made the "new randoms" folder, added stuff to it. Also, poured coffee, drinking coffee. Delicious.

One of the things added to the "new randoms" folder, is the fifth iteration of this Ghost theme in .zip file form, because if something were to happen to this bloggo (which I don't expect it to), then I wouldn't have to go through all the small changes I've made to the files in order to get it back to it's working order. I would just go to the .zip, and upload it as a Ghost theme, and be off to the races! :)

I am expecting stomach meds to be delivered before 1:00 today, and at some point I will have to go out and get a new 5-pack of Bic lighters (or even two 5-packs), as well as Dil's pipe cleaners (as that is the kind they sell at my local Schnucks - the only "tobacco product" they carry). I am down to the last few pipe cleaners, and it would behoove me to order a 6-pack of BJ Long, or Decatur, or whatever cleaners I usually get. That is, six packs of 100 cleaners. Also, I will definitely get the pipe cleaning/reaming tool (that is overpriced at $22) from TobaccoPipes.com.

And I thought about it a bit, and I think I will hold off on the peacock tattoo (even though I still very much so want to get it) until another time, because I really am smitten with the GoRuck Rucker 3.0 backpack, and I have to "jump" on those when they are available, because who knows how fast GoRuck will sell out of those. I'd also be happy with a Bullet Ruck (or Bullet 15), but those are alway sold-out, too. So, fingers crossed the Rucker is still there come February 🤞.

back soon