So I got the $266 refund from Amtrak, and I was not expecting it anytime soon, but it hit my bank a few hours back, so that is good. I immediately paid two past due utility bills (which were very small, and only a few days past due), and then I looked at this *massive* tobacco pipe order that I have going on, and realized that I couldn’t (comfortably) swing that order right now, so I left the cart as-is on that site (will make the purchase in the not-too-distant future), and went over to Etsy to order a tobacco pipe (as this TP order doesn’t have a pipe included – a NEW pipe can be costly (extremely costly depending on my preferences), so I decided to get a (NICE) estate pipe from Etsy, instead. And estate pipe is a previously used pipe that has (usually) been refurbished, though they CAN be sold as very used, very worn out pipes. The one I ordered is beautifully refurbished, and is by a company called Webster, and is a Lovat shape. I had a Stanwell of similar style (Lovat), and I LOVED it! So I am excited about this pipe. Also, it is already in the mail, as the owner of the Etsy shopped messaged me to notify me that he dropped it off at the post office within an hour of the order! Good service!nnOk, I’ll be back soon. Just an update.

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