Slept around 5.5 hours, from 12:00 AM to 5:30 AM, and I'll take that. I left the furnace OFF all night, so it was nice and chilly in my apartment at 63F(!). Now, outside, it is 16F with a Winter Storm Warning still in effect. Fair amount of snow out there, too, I can see (more than the last time I looked). But, it is 6:00 AM now, and at around 8:30 or so I will walk to BP in the frozen stuff, pick up a couple sodas, and that is basically it. I was hoping we'd get at least one significant snowfall this year, and here it is. Though I am ready for Spring. In fact, I went over to and added some aromatic blends to the Wishlist in preparation for a nice, mild Spring (as aromatic blends are delightful with the sliding glass door wide open and the cool breeze coming through). I may order just one of the three added to the Wishlist, though, as I always wanted to try this particular blend + I want the 8 ounce tub it comes in, which is called Sir Walter Raleigh "Aromatic Blend". The other two pouches I tossed in the cart I have had before, wanted to have again, but those can wait, for sure.

Anyway, I already had morning coffee, and might make more still.

back soon