I’ve been craving coffee for several hours now, but I had ‘za around 8:00 PM (11:00 now), and I had to resist brewing a mug because having coffee straight after ‘za is an immediate and guaranteed vomitfest soon after. For ME it is, anyway. Stomach goes crazy.nnI am good, though. Stomach is fine and settled as the pizza is not “fresh” in the system. Coffee is delicious, too.nnBeen feeling good (and weird, sorta) that I am back on W.a and W.a *only* for all of my writing. Dividing things up between here and my Ghost blog was…odd, in many ways. Ghost is (was) fine for some things, but I just feel better with W.a. nnNothing else special to write about for right now. More things will happen later, I am sure.nnback soon

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