Just got up at about 9:45 AM, and it is 10:10 now. I made coffee and opened the sliding glass door a bit, as it is a sunny and cool day. Beautiful outside, really. The wind gusts were coming through *fiercely* last night, and it felt like the walls of the apartment were going to cave in, lol! Probably took out a few Xmas decorations on some people’s balconies.nnBut in a minute here, I will start laundry, and I will rejoice at being able to sport jeans again, as I have been wearing filthy khaki-colored Chinos for days now, haha. I don’t know why I had been putting off laundry – oh yes, because I was out of Tide Pods, that’s why. I got some Tide Pods from the ‘rents the other day, so I am good to go there.nnThe coffee is good, slowly sipped it, but it is about done now. Time for laundry!nnBack later!nn#laundry

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