Gonna order six(6) books from Leftbank Books in December. I have them in the Wishlist, and will not list them all here, but they are ones that I have wanted for quite a while. They will all go into a TBR (To Be Read) pile at first, I am sure, but eventually they will all get read. So, this is a good thing.nnMe? I have been awake all night, doing not much of anything. Trying to stay off the foot as much as possible. Or, the leg, I should say. I have no clue what the hell is wrong with it. It’s been a week and the pain is still “there” in the shin, almost like I pulled a muscle or some shit.nnI have laundry to do, but won’t do it, because that means *more* pressure on the foot, so I will stay inside and not do much of anything. I have a doc appointment via phone call at 2:00, and I should be ready to go for that, no problem.nnI am going to see about getting a cane. I know I don’t have access to crutches, but I am pretty sure there is a cane at the ‘rents house, so I will see about getting ahold of it (as no one else is using it). Just for going from room to room or/and when I *have* to get out of the house and do stuff – it would be a big help.nn7:15 now, gonna have breakfast, make a phone call to refill my stomach meds, and also confirm my doc appointment for 2:00 – both of those calls will take two minutes, each.nnBack later

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