I realize that the NobSound mini amp is not ideal (at all) for the setup I am in the process of rigging up in the bedroom. First, I need a DAC/amp (combo) for connectivity purposes, for sure (not to mention better sound quality). Second, the NobSound mini amp is *not* headphone-compatible, so I will need something that is both *static* and of decent quality (meaning something that stays in one spot, is not portable – but still is in my price range). I *could* get something like a FiiO Q3 DAC/amp that is battery-powered (and probably sounds great), but the point of getting this component is to have the *connectivity* necessary to accommodate a television, speakers, headphones, all that.nnBut what I *should* be looking at, is an integrated amplifier, because that will offer all the connectivity I need, and then the DAC can have any connections it wants, as long as it connects to the integrated amplifier. nnI considered a “gaming DAC” from Schiit, but they would not accept the old debit card, otherwise I would already have the Magni amp in my apartment right now, because I tried to buy one at the beginning of November, and the card was rejected (due to flagging issues I mentioned before, which I hope I do not have with the next debit card).nnSo, I think I will try to go the Schiit (admittedly funny name) route with the Magni amp, and then go from there. Or, one of their gaming DACs, which will do a lot of what I want to do with my setup.nnJust writing out loud. No idea what I will do at the end of the day.nnBack later.nn#listeningnotes

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