Just put on water for coffee, and it will be ready soon, and then I will do the double-scoop (non-espresso) black coffee. It is Schnucks brand, so it will have plenty of flavor to it. Dollar Tree coffee sucks!

So anyway, my thoughts for the day revolve around not one particular subject. Nor one particular view, or opinion. Nothing particular has to be addressed in this moment. No open-ended questions will be posted, no queries for myself, or the few reading this, nothing needs be said that hasn't already been said before.

I, myself, feel like an open-ended person, though. Like I intake a lot of things, and also learn from those things. I do NOT make a lot of broad generalizations or quick (reactive) responses to what is going on in the world around me. More of an observe > ferment > digest > decide > react type of formula. But that's if I end up "reacting" (or opining on) a subject matter at all. That is because either A) I simply don't care, B) I have nothing good to say about a subject matter (better to not say anything at all than to say something bad, IMO), or C) I don't have much "influence" or "pull" to instigate a reaction from other people (not in a controversial sense, but in a "hey, I'm a human being that is alive and has an opinion - anyone wanna take me up on it?" type of sense). And THAT is where a lot of the falsehoods (or fallacy of) the WWW being a "true democratic medium" come into play, mostly because of algorithmic censorship (be it on a single social network, or through a search result algorithm (through bad SEO - which shouldn't even be a "thing" at all), or whatever the case). The Internet has been, for years, anything but "democratic" (it's a Mob Rule, lead/follow mentality) and is only a "medium" in the sense that it is a great way for companies and services to pipe advertisements to people remotely - definitely not "a place where people congregate" or anything like that.

And it is precisely that, a fallacy. It's superfluous and unnecessary to think the WWW ever did, could, or even should offer any type of medium for which people "come together to figure out...life". No. Figuring out, witnessing, and experiencing the joys, ups, downs, and all arounds of life will always happen in the real sense - IRL, in-person. Face-to-face.

But, there are people still out there who want the "digital dream" or "the promises of the Web (and all it's possibilities)" to be a reality. Sort of "true beleivers", or as Hunter S Thompson once said about the possibilities of life in this (American) country, "still humping the American Dream!". And I feel a handful of folks are still out there (online, anywhere, everywhere) still trying their best (with complete optimism) to fulfill the hype of the WWW "sold" to us (everyone) about how much it could change everything - which it did, just not necessarily for the better in all cases.

But, it's all for the better in the end, anyway. I always preferred talking to neighbors, socializing with friends, and kinda/sorta pretending the Internet didn't exist when doing so. And to be completely honest, I'd be pretty smitten if I didn't have some writing bug that made me want (or NEED) to hammer text on multiple occassions, everyday, several times a day - but I do, so I just keep saying shit for no purpose whatsoever and some might happen to read it, great - most will never know I exist, which is great too, in many ways.

And there is no such thing as a "replacement" for anything (in terms of stopping Web use, and starting XYZ topics, or whatever). I'd just be confronted with the immediate and ongoing boredom that I always come to grips with several times a day, just with different latitudes and durations. And I try to mitigate all of this by only coming online (picking up the laptop) when I am settling in for a blog post, or perhaps checking an e-mail, or some such like that. But ideally, I would have a direct and immediate substitute for THIS thing for something that is something ELSE. Who knows if that will ever happen.

Back soon