So the listing I put on Cl sold just now. It was the MX Keys keyboard, and though I paid $100 for it nearly a year ago, I no longer have an external monitor, so it was time for it to go. I listed it for $35, and they guy who bought it offered $25, and I said that would be ok as long as we could meet here (and that I wouldn’t have to “go” anywhere (as if I could go far anyway – I don’t drive, haha)). He was just up the road, so it took about 10 minutes, and now it is gone and gone. Good deal. Great keyboard, though. He got a deal on it. nnAnd of course now that I am no longer broke as a joke, I come to realize the only places to fetch grub is the friggin’ vending machine or/and BP gas station (two things I despise). Schnucks is closed, as is Dollar Tree (because it is Easter), so, I will just hit up the vending machine. Make life easier. He gave me $5 of the $25 in singles, so no problem.nnConvenience (and Thank Dog people are still using CL, instead of Facebook Marketplace – FB can go to hxxx)nnback soon

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