I set to write this last night, but ended up not doing it. But, I have decided to more or less STOP consuming sodium. Or sodium-heavy products, at least. Salt is mostly not necessary for things I eat, ramen noodles (which I make vegetarian style, with a lot of soy sauce), is nearly pure sodium, and anything else that is sodium rich will be removed from my diet.

Mostly because of blood pressure, which sodium is harmful towards. I DO have to figure out if blood pressure medication will be necessary in the future, but I think dietary changes and exercise changes (meaning more exercise) could help me avoid needing a medication for blood pressure. I don't want to take the meds and then keep eating the same old crap anyway, so...

So, I just wanted to remark on this. I think it is a positive change, too. I will definitely feel better, that is for sure.

Back soon