I’ll take note of something real fast (because I don’t think I pointed it out *plain as day* before):nnSocial media is more popular than I could have imagined, even after I left social media.nnNow, on the surface, it’s like “yea, no shit – it isn’t like anyone was following *me* on social media – they didn’t leave when *I* left”, but what I mean is, I started to use W.a in mid-2018 (late-2017 if you count an old, throwaway, anonymous blog I had on here), and the thing I noticed most about digressing away from social networks, is the fact that everyone (ALL THE TIME!) talked, and talks, about social media when NOT on social media (e.g. this blog post here).nnBefore, when my blog was on Tumblr, and I spent the majority of my waking life glued to Twitter, other than a few breaks throughout the day to scroll endlessly on Instagram, I thought/figured: “wow, a lot of people talk in a very “meta” way about being ON social media while they USE social media”, and thought it was odd, but then again, how many times did *I* talk about the computer I am using *while* I am using it? So, not *that* odd.nnBut then, everyone seemed to talk about social media even after I left a social media blogging platform (leaving Tumblr for W.a in around the time period listed above). And now, 2.5 (almost 3) years after closing my final social media accounts (Rest In Pestilence, Twitter/Instagram), I still hear all the time, from everyone/everywhere about *this* social media aspect or *that*, and it becomes abundantly clear that I was not alone in the entire “time consuming”/lack of hobbies/lack of free time/super-distracted type of a mindset.nnSo, it’s weird. Just wanted to take note.

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