There is a comment I just made on a bit ago about how I think (and I was agreeing with another W.a user on this, so the comment was not an original idea by me or anything) that the "Cafe" for should be an "opt-in" type of environment. Not "public by default". Sort of like how is not public by default (I don't think it is, anyway). And right now there is NO "opt-out" option for utilizing the Cafe on (unless an entire blog is "Unlisted", such as mine).

So, what I am getting at is: having a Public blog (or a blog on R.w.a) is an option, and the comments on a Public blog (or, the "Cafe") should be an option. And yes, is brand spanking new, so I am assuming the opt-in/opt-out feature is coming, but it needed to be remarked (pun!) on, and I am glad someone brought it up. Good idea!

Ok, done with that schpiele.

back soon