More frequent updates, and random updates, as well. I had to finish up the last blog post because a Dominos delivery driver was about to be knocking at my door, and I had to be ready. But yes, I ordered a single thin crust ‘za, because I didn’t feel like cooking up a bunch of stuff this evening.nnSo, I still have a chunk of $$ left from the Amtrak refund, so I will likely just get some of the [Taking stock goods]( which I mentioned the other day on **TMO**. The essential essentials first, and then much more after that, over time. I modified that list slightly, but only slightly (added several items per section).nnI am just glad the refund came in. The CL posting? Still no interest in it, yet. I have it out of my mind. They (speakers) will sell when they sell. No big deal.nnback soon

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