so what's what?

I just got an text stating that my TV console is arriving via FedEx today, but when I click the link to check the tracking, it takes me to the (very crappy) Wayfair tracker and it doesn't show me the actual status of the package. Instead it shows me a warning/disclaimer that shipments are backed up and that delays are everywhere (because of the pandemic, I assume), and therefore no relevant info is displayed.

The FedEx tracking # is no good, either - it states that there is no info at this time. But it has been five days since I placed the order and if they went out of their way to text me to tell me it is Out For Delivery, then perhaps it actually is going to arrive today? Let's hope so.

Let's address something: why Ghost?

Mostly because W.a was not cutting it for me anymore. Yes, it is a super-minimalist/lightweight blogging platform, which I always have and always will appreciate, but, when I am thrown server errors 24/7, and the help forums ( lack any relevant (helpful) information, and when a feature or option is promised again and again and then years (plural - years!) go by without it ever coming to light, it's time to stop the BS and just go where things get done when they say they are going to get done. Doing is better than talking - action not words.

So, I joined Ghost (or I installed Ghost - but, yea, I'm part of the "Ghost community" :)), because there is just a lot more here, I think.

Hope anyone/everyone out there who may be reading this is doing well :)

Back soon

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