Had a psyche doc appointment earlier, and that went OK. She also recommended that I go to Urgent Care to get my leg checked out, but it was not a reference, of course, because she is a psyche doc, not a primary care clinician. The other people I called/e-mailed did not return my queries, so, IDK what to do there besides follow up tomorrow.nnStomach meds were delivered earlier this afternoon, too, so that is good – no more indigestion.nnIt’s been…30 days (more?) since I left R.w.a in terms of publishing over there, and I do not miss it. I still *read* R.w.a every day, though, as well as my Feedbin RSS feed, etc., but I don’t publish anywhere else besides *right here* on this little corner of the web. It’s all good.nnLeg is still busted – a little better, or the same, but definitely not “worse” in any respect – it’ll do OK.nnWednesday I go and get a few more groceries – a big thing of Diet Pepsi cans (more for the money), a large thing of Taster’s Choice instant coffee, a large bag of Normandy Vegetables to use with the large box of Ramen noodles I have on hand (which I turn into vegetarian Ramen, because I toss the animal-product-based “sodium packet”, and use soy sauce and spices, instead). A few other things will be bought, too, I’m sure.nnThere’s an update. Having coffee now. Nothing else to tell.

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