How about, the “luxury of less”. That is, having a few nice, good, capable, reliable, durable things, instead of a household of sub-par, weak, crappy things. Not that *anything* is crappy, if one values it, but, in this scenario, I mean decent items that will likely last a while (or longer).nnI don’t have *many* nice things, and as I have said on this bloggo many times before, I’m fairly poor (financially) some of the time, but, I DO try to keep a moderate “Standard Of Living” in my life by not acquiring **too much** or **low quality** items (hence why I deleted my Amazon account years ago – everything was a flimsy knock-off on that website, lemme tell ya). I also believe that by giving to charity/non-profits, the “good karma” comes back to the individual ten-fold, and I always try to give to *some* charity/org on a regular basis – be it Folds Of Honor, or Blessings in a Backpack, or even Wikipedia – the good karma (as I put it) always pays *itself* back. This is a good thing.nnNow I am not writing this post to hammer out a laundry list of “cool stuff that I own” (because *I* know I own it, don’t need to talk about it/them online, and also because (again) it is not *that much* stuff – just a few good, reliable things). Sort of like the “buy it forever” philosophy: my Coleman cookpot is just some stainless steel, $10 Wal Mart purchase (actually, a friend bought it *for* me from Wal Mart as a gift, and I forever appreciate it), but, it has been lasting me 12+ years! And I plan to make it last at least another 12 years! And I feel this way about nearly everything I own (at least the items that do not already have failure built-in to them via outdated software, etc.)nnAnd as far as item numbers, themselves (e.g. “how many items do I own?”), I have no idea, and I never counted, and I never will count how many items I possess in my life. Enough, I’d say. I *used* to say that “I can pack up my entire life into a backpack and live comfortably”, which is still true, as long as I was willing to subtract a few items here and there. But, at this point, the items that I enjoy, bring a form of utility along with them – there are many that are not able to fit into even a large backpack.nnI’ve thought about it, though – getting (back) down to the “*bare essentials*”, and only living/using what I *realllly* needed (like how I lived before). But even that is an exercise in futility unless I am traveling or plan to travel frequently. So, I don’t focus on that much anymore.nnJust a few words to go with the caffeine :)nnBack later

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