It turned into a *gorgeous* day, indeed. The sliding glass door is wide open, I am having iced coffee, the #stlwx is ~60F – stunning (especially for mid-December). I’ve heard time and time again that it is going to be a warm/dry Winter in the Midwest, and I hope that is true, because that means more hikes for me! :)nnI think the first hike of the Winter season will be this Sunday (or at least that is the plan). And, I *think* I can do a primitive trail (or, a dirt trail), because my leg has healed up immensely since it’s injury on Nov. 1. It almost feels 100% back to normal (like 99.5%). This is good, because when I hurt it initially, I thought it was some type of *permanent* injury, and I am almost positive that I pulled a muscle within the shin. I never saw a doctor about it (should have), but everything seems to be doing good now, so…GOOD!nnHiking is so damn nice. My favorite activity in the world. Can’t wait to be back in the woods, again – alone with my thoughts. Calm. Relaxed. Tranquil.nnAnd of course this will be a morning hike (the Sunday hike), because the weather is the coolest in the morning, and I like cool (or even cold) weather. Can’t wait.nnAnyway, now the sun is setting. Will cool off more throughout the night (though I do not know what the lows are going to be), and I look forward to Winter arriving.nnBack later

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