Not heavily caffeinated right now. Just awake from an abundance of sleep yesterday. So, I had a shower (because A) it would wake me up more, and B) I failed to shower yesterday), and then I made some "Italian" pasta (which is Italian in nature, but it just stuff from the grocery store (of course, where else would it be from?)). And that hit the spot. Put me in a better mood, too. I suppose I was "hangry" before.

It's 5:00 AM, and the sun will be rising soon enough. I will walk to Schnucks later.

A day like any other.

I am going through cigarette butts at a steady clip, because my cigs are on the other side of the room, and I am that lazy that I cannot get up to go fetch them. I hammer through Edgefield non-filter butts with a cheap lighter and attempt to write, instead.

6:37 the sun will make an appearance. I'll be awake for it, too.

I will likely hop on YouTube in a bit (as in, watching shit, I don't make any type of videos), and scroll through YT's garbage recommendation algorithm, try to find something that is relatively funny. Wish me luck on that.

Now, Now I fetched the Edgefields from across the room.

I'll sit back for a while

see ya later